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Training Topics

We Offer Accessibility Seminars for Architects, Civil Engineers, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Property Managers & Others

We provide professional seminars and customized presentations intended to help your team, company, or professional organization get educated about important accessibility subjects that affect your business. The following accessibility seminar training topics are available, or we can develop a customized seminar based on your specific needs.

We get many positive comments about our seminars:

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Stepping Thru Accessibility Seminars by Janis Kent:

Stepping Thru Circulation Paths, Accessible Routes, & Path of Travel

Moving thru a facility has different requirements depending on new vs existing or public vs common space – we will review the differences between and requirements for Circulation Paths, Accessible Routes, and Path of Travel from the public way, thru the site, to the entry, thru the building, and to the exits

Learn more about Circulation Paths, Accessible Routes, & Path of Travel »

Stepping Thru Doors, Gates & Signs, and What Makes Them Accessible

Just about every facility has a door that can either welcome us into a building or act as a hindrance — we will review door, gate, and opening requirements from clearances and specifications to operating hardware, including powered opening devices and permanent room signage

Learn more about Doors & Gates »

Stepping Thru The Existing Building – Access Within & Without

An in-depth look for implementing ADAS on existing projects whether or not construction is actually scheduled – including alteration requirements for public facilities and places of public accommodation from Program Accessibility to Barrier Removal

Learn more about The Existing Building – Access Within & Without »

Stepping Thru Hotels, Motels, Inns, & Restaurants and Access

Transient lodging comes in many forms, some of which are covered under Access requirements and some not – we will review various elements found in hotels, motels, inns, and restaurants along with their scoping and technical requirements

Learn more about Hotels, Motels, Inns, & Restaurants and Access »

Stepping Thru Interior Elements & Access

Different interior elements typically encountered once you step thru the door can either create or interfere with an accessible environment – we will examine a number of these items along with their requirements

Learn more about Interior Elements & Access »

Stepping Thru Parking, Passenger Loading, EVCS, & Their Connection to the Site

Vehicular transportation comes in many forms – we will review the myriad of requirements starting from the point where we are transitioning from passengers to pedestrians whether parking, passenger drop-offs, valet service, EVCS, or transportation such as taxis, buses, or shuttles

Learn more about Parking, Passenger Loading, EVCS, & Their Connection to the Site »

Stepping Thru Accessible Public Multi-Family Residential Facilities

Public multi-family residential facilities are quite complex with the differing regulations – we will explore which regulations apply along with requirements for kitchens, bathrooms, and social service center establishments

Learn more about Accessible Public Multi-Family Residential Facilities »

Stepping Thru Toilet & Bathing Facilities – What Makes Them Accessible

Most buildings have toilet and/or bathing facilities which are some of the more complex items in Access – we will take an in-depth look at technical and scoping requirements and its impact on toilet and bathing facility design, whether single- user, multi-user, or multiple single user including the requirements for each of the individual components

Learn more about Toilet & Bathing Facilities – What Makes Them Accessible »

Stepping Thru Vertical Heights

Since the world is not flat, most buildings and facilities have some height change which can provide a challenge for Access — we will review the different methods of Access and the parameters for each

Learn more about Vertical Heights »

Stepping Thru Vignette Series Seminars by Janis Kent

Stepping Thru – Vignette Series: Accessible Businesses – What Needs to be Done

A photographic overview for existing spaces of readily achievable barrier removal – understand what needs to be implemented even if no construction is being done

Learn more about Stepping Thru Accessible Businesses »

Stepping Thru – Vignette Series: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations & Access

As Electric Vehicles become more prevalent, the question comes up of what to do to make them accessible and even whether or not they are required to be accessible – we will review the new California requirements

Learn more about Electric Vehicle Charging Stations & Access »

Stepping Thru – Vignette Series: Accessible Environments As We Age

An overview of design considerations which can easily be addressed now to not only allow us to age in place later but also have others visit us whether they have issues concerning accessibility or aging

Learn more about Accessible Environments As We Age »

Stepping Thru – Vignette Series: Accessibility – A Photographic Look at Recurrent Non-Complying Elements

Be on the look out for many common items in non-compliance often found in new construction and alterations and become aware of items needing special attention from design thru construction – a visual synthesis of photos with pertinent regulation call-outs for numerous installations

Learn more about A photographic look at recurrent non-complying elements »

Stepping Thru – Vignette Series: Signage – When Do I Use What

One of the more important elements of navigating thru the built environment is signage and when to use what and where. We will look at signs in a scoping sense to understand their purpose to Describe, to Identify, and to Direct.

Learn more about Stepping Thru Signage – When Do I Use What »

Stepping Thru – Vignette Series: Exceptions & Nuances in the ADA Standards & CBC

Thru photographs, we will review areas of the ADA Standards and CBC that are small footnotes or exceptions, which can have a large impact on a project whether new or existing, as well as a quick look at items that are not delineated and what you do with them.

Learn more about Stepping Thru – Vignette Series: Exceptions & Nuances in the ADA Standards & CBC »

Stepping Thru – Vignette Series: Bathtubs, Showers, & Access

An in-depth look at requirements for tubs, showers, and bathing for both scoping and technical requirements. This will also include grab bars, seats, and accessories along with the requirements for each

Learn more about Stepping Thru – Vignette Series: Bathtubs, Showers, & Access »

Stepping Thru – Vignette Series: Kitchen Design for Access & Aging – Issues, Complications, & Solutions!

An in-depth look at requirements for mobility kitchen design and considerations for Aging. This will include understand-ing cabinetry requirements, appliances, and fixtures as well as other design items

Learn more about Stepping Thru – Vignette Series: Kitchen Design for Access & Aging – Issues, Complications, & Solutions! »