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Stepping Thru – Vignette Series: Bathtubs, Showers, & Access

Bathing facilities are one of the more complex elements in Access – we will take an in-depth look at both technical and scoping requirements for bathtubs and showers, along with their grab bars, seats, and accessories, including the re-quirements for each of these component elements.

An in-depth look at requirements for tubs, showers, and bathing for both scoping and technical requirements. This will also include grab bars, seats, and accessories along with the requirements for each


  • Understand critical design factors for bathing facilities whether in hotels or student housing, public housing or social service center establishments, and other facility types
  • Review scoping and technical parameters for bathtubs, showers, and exterior rinsing showers
  • Learn about grab bar requirements and when they are required
  • Overview different requirements for seats, spray units, and controls for compliant design
typically 2 hours for the full seminar