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Stepping Thru Parking, Passenger Loading, EVCS, & Their Connection to the Site

In this day and age we are not only pedestrians but we are also closely tied to vehicular transportation – and of course there are a myriad of requirements for this as well, starting from the point where we transition from passengers to pedestrians. Whether it is for parking, passenger drop-off, valet service, or transportation such as taxis, buses, or shuttles, there are differing requirements for space and slopes, all of which are required to connect with an accessible route. There are also new requirements for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) per the California Building Code. We will review requirements for each of these types of vehicular to pedestrian transitions.

Vehicular transportation comes in many forms whether parking, passenger drop-offs, valet service, EVCS, or transportation such as taxis, buses, or shuttles – we will review the myriad of requirements starting from the point where we are transitioning from passengers to pedestrians


  • Understand scoping for parking, passenger drop-off, valet, and boarding & alighting
  • Review the technical parameters for the car and passenger to pedestrian interface
  • Learn about the requirements for specified and unspecified transportation
  • Overview the new developments for electrical vehicle charging stations

typically 5 hours for the full seminar

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