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Stepping Thru Circulation Paths, Accessible Routes, & Path of Travel

Accessible Routes, Circulation Paths, & Path of Travel in both new and existing projects are essential aspects of Accessible design – if you can not even get to an area, no matter how accessible that portion is, it will still not be accessible. Overview routes from the public right of way, to site amenities, to the entry, and thru the building including egress and existing building requirements.

Moving thru a facility has different requirements depending on new vs existing or public vs common space – we will review the differences between and requirements for Circulation Paths, Accessible Routes, and Path of Travel from the public way, thru the site, to the entry, thru the building, and to the exits


  • Understand the differences between Circulation Paths, Accessible Routes, and Path of Travel
  • Review the scoping and technical requirements for each on both the exterior and interior
  • Learn about the connectivity of elements, entries, floors, and exits and what is required
  • Overview Path of Travel requirements for existing projects and alterations

typically 5 hours for the full seminar

See our event calendar or book an accessibility seminar for your group or organization.