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The Existing Building – With & Without Alterations




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The Existing Building – With & Without Alterations

Curated Collection of Articles from the Stepping Thru Accessibility Blog 

Existing buildings are a bit more complex than new construction. There are requirements for existing buildings even if you are not doing any alterations. This has to do with maintenance and keeping the facility accessible as well as removing barriers on older buildings that may not meet today’s standards of Access.

Purchase this ebook and learn about:

  • Accessible Routes and Other Pedestrian Ways
  • Readily Achievable Barrier Removal
  • Existing Buildings – What needs to be done?
  • Alterations To Existing Buildings — How Much Extra Do I Have to Spend?
  • Proportional Spending — Exactly what is it?
  • Doors and Gates – What they need for ongoing maintenance
  • Employees Only

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