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Restaurants & Bars




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Updated for 2019 California Building Code

Accessibility for Restaurants and Bars

Curated Collection of Articles from the Stepping Thru Accessibility Blog 

Some of the main issues of restaurant and bar design have to do with circulation paths, accessible routes, and counters. This is in addition to parking, entry, and restrooms that are typical for all projects. The more these specific issues are understood and incorporated into the early design stages, the less institutional the Access solution for the project will feel.

Download this curated collection of articles in a single ebook and get valuable insight into accessibility standards required for restaurants and bars, including those in California.

Purchase this ebook and learn about:

  • Restaurant and bar accessibility standards overview
  • Spacing and seating requirements with diagrams
  • Cabinetry and counters requirements with diagrams
  • California restaurant and single user restroom requirements
  • Walk off mats and more

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