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Multi-Family Housing in the Public Sector




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Multi-Family Housing in the Public Sector

Curated Collection of Articles from the Stepping Thru Accessibility Blog 

Multi-family housing with any type of government funds or programs is one of the more complex building types in terms of which standards and codes are to be applied. I have recently seen a number of projects that are being treated as privately funded, where the architects and even the owners are not familiar with the impact funding sources can have on the applicable regulations and codes. This can have a large impact on units which are multi-storied, or on kitchen requirements, or parking, and dispersement. Starting any project, it is the first question to ask – what funding sources and/or government programs are there for the project, and this should be part of any understanding and agreement. 

Depending upon the the money and program sources and the date the buildings were built, whether existing or alteration, this can trigger FHA with its selected safe harbor, ADA Standards, UFAS and Section 504 Regulations, HUD’s Deeming Notice of 2014, and it could be other federal entities that have their own modified version such as postal and military facilities. Then there are the local codes and regulations, many of which might conflict. But this is indeed the starting point.

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  • Multi-Family Housing — Which regulations pertain?
  • Parking for Multi-Family Housing with Public Funding or Public Programs
  • Mail Boxes – So How High Should They Be?
  • The Doorbell – Transient Lodging & Dwelling Units
  • Storage – An Overview
  • Blocking for Grab Bars – What is There to Know?
  • Washers & Dryers, and Access

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