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ADA in Details: Interpreting the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design




Visual ADA interpretation for streamlined application

ADA in Details provides visual interpretations of the ADA Standards for Accessible Design in a user-friendly format packed with practical design details. Featuring the ADA Standards and Californian Building Code side-by-side, this book distills complex regulations down to its useful scoping and technical requirements to help architects and others dealing with the built environment to create projects that comply. Emphasizing public buildings, places of public accommodations, and commercial facilities, each chapter is organized by specific elements to address related concerns surrounding routes, site requirements, vertical access, and more. Each standard is clearly shown and explained for clarity, and different portions of the regulations and code are synthesized into graphical representations of usable details that help architects and other design professionals to easily integrate accessible elements from the start of any project.

The 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design have been mandatory since 2012, with compliance required for all new construction and as well as alterations and existing buildings. This book provides an all-in-one reference, merging interpretation of the regulations with practical design to bring accessibility to any space.

  • Get up to date with the latest accessibility standards and requirements
  • Reference graphical representation of usable, compliant details
  • Explore options for accessible routes, site elements, architectural elements, restrooms, and more
  • Delve into specialty areas including children’s requirements, storage, hospitality facilities, and leisure facilities

Reading the regulations is one thing, but actually understanding the real-world application is something entirely different. By interpreting the ADA Standards directly into visual details, this book helps streamline the process of ADA compliance and provides architects a rich resource from which to pull accessible elements for both new construction and existing buildings. For complete, user-friendly accessibility guidance presented logically and practically, ADA in Details is an ideal architectural companion.

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Wiley Publishing

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Builders Booksource, Berkeley


Everything You Need To Know — PLUS!

By Rachael Mann

There are a lot of books that generally describe federal accessibility requirements. This book is for everyone who needs to know about the detailed requirements of the ADAS to construct buildings that are in compliance. It should be on the desk (not bookshelf) of every architect, Building Official, Plan Checker, Building Inspector and City and County Housing Development Construction Staff who need to ensure compliance with the ADA Titles II and III. If you do work in California, this is the book for you because it compares and contrasts the ADAS and California Building Code Chapter 11B and discusses which provides the greatest accessibility when the two standards differ. If you don’t live in California, this is still the book for you because it details ADAS requirements clearly and concisely. The discussions are thoughtful and clear! 

The Definitive Resource for Accessibilty

By Matthew O’Brien, architect

ADA in Details is by far the most comprehensive and useful tool available for anyone involved in the field of accessibility compliance. The book explains compliance with concise bullet point summaries of the requirements that are integrated into a wealth of exceptionally useful annotated and dimensioned illustrations, all with the applicable reference sections cited. The author also applies her professional experience and mastery of the subject by including very informative narratives throughout the book on how the requirements should be applied.

“ADA in Details” is an essential addition to the bookshelf of every architect, builder, developer and architecture student

By Timothy J. Kohut, Architect, CASp

As an architect and educator of national renown, Janis’s new book, “ADA in Details” is further evidence of how good she is at understanding, breaking down, and then explaining sometimes complex and confusing statutory language….As a professional dealing with accessibility on a daily basis, I’m surprised by how much is missed…and how often buildings are designed and built out of compliance with ADA. “ADA in Details” may not be a cure all for this problem, but it is an essential reference book and will help the user simplify diagnosis and solution finding. “ADA in Details” is reference book that belongs on the bookshelf, laptop, or smart device, of every architect, builder, developer, and architectural design student.

A fantastic feature is the black text for ADAS

By Lance Bird, FAIA

ADA In Details is an essential addition to an architect’s technical library. Every architectural project in our office has accessibility requirements. Using this book is a huge time-saver. We appreciate the logical arrangement of subjects, allowing quick references. A fantastic feature is the black text for ADAS, and blue text and strike-outs for the California Building Code. This graphic method also appears in numerous diagrams…speeding the design process.

ARIGATO! [For the round eyes: THANK YOU?]

By Edward K. Takahashi, FAIA, FACIA, CCS

“ADA In Detail” by Janis Kent, replaces her various seminar handouts I’ve diligently kept, with the up-to-date complete interpretations with diagrams for accessible design

Janis Kent’s book is a great design resource

By Elizabeth Sorgman

Janis Kent’s book is a great design resource – as an architect, the details aid in arriving at a design solution that meets both federal & state accessibility requirements. As a plans examiner, the book effectively communicates what is required to comply with accessibility codes and will be a great tool in my communication with permit applicants.

The absolute must have book on accessibility

By Richard J Halloran

As a Certified Access Specialist (CASp) and ADA Coordinator for one of the largest building departments in the world, I cannot say enough about this book and how helpful it is to me and the people I work with. I have recommended all of our plan review staff keep a copy on their desk and many of them have told me how helpful the book has been to them. I also recommended this book to architects I interact with and have received rave reviews from many of them. The architects and designers that I have had positive feedback from on this book design everything from mom and pop groceries to 70 story high-rise structures. This book is equally applicable to both…. I have studied accessibility for many years and I am often pleasantly surprised by the discovery of something new that I did not know in this book. The depth of knowledge is tremendous.

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