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Multi-Family Reference Matrix:
Dwelling Unit Bathrooms – PDF with Bookmarks




This tool is available for purchase and download to better understand the different components for multi-family dwelling unit bathrooms. It is a matrix of the actual text from the various Access regulations and codes for easy side-by-side comparison and on an element by element basis. Included are the 2010 ADA Standards, FHA Design Manual, UFAS, 2013 CBC-11B, 2013 CBC-11A, and 2010 CBC-11A. The items are set up in rows with the regulations/codes in columns. Each component has its sourcing included so it is easy to go back to the original regulatory documents. Included are 2 PDF files, both with the same material. One is a continuous spreadsheet for use on the computer with a linked table of contents for easy navigation. The other is formatted into separate numbered pages which can be printed up on legal size paper.

Click here to download a sample.

Each purchase is meant for a single user whether for tablet, computer, and/or hard copy.

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