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On-Demand Accessibility Continuing Education Series Now Available


We are pleased to announce the official launch of our new on-demand webinar service that addresses access and aging. Based on our live seminars, this continuing education series highlights what you need to know in order to create accessible environments and for people to age as independently as possible. 

With the majority of live events having been cancelled this year though the winter and possibly longer, we pivoted our popular in-person seminars to virtual lessons in order to help AEC professionals fulfill their CEU needs.

The webinars are being hosted virtually and on-demand. Credits can be applied to the 2021 California architect’s license renewal requiring accessibility CEUs, CASp renewal, AIA HSW Learning Units, and to other organization requirements.

This new virtual training program aims to empower professionals to improve the lives of millions of people as they age, and for those encountering ongoing issues with access.

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Currently available on-demand webinars include:

Kitchen Design for Access & Aging – Issues, Complications, & Solutions! Tailored for architects designing single and multi-family dwellings, be it low-income housing or custom homes, this course focuses on the complexities of creative kitchen design as it relates to accessibility under the ADA and aging in place. Lessons include in-depth details on kitchens and cabinets, kitchen cabinet storage, switches and outlets, kitchen sink requirements, ovens/ranges/cooktops and work surfaces, other appliances, and considerations in kitchen design for access and aging. This is also applicable to kitchens in employee kitchenettes, hotel guest rooms, social service center establishments, and in student dormitories.

Bathtubs, Showers, and Access. Bathing facilities are one of the more complex elements in access. This webinar takes an in-depth look at technical and scoping requirements under the ADA Standards for bathtubs and showers, along with grab bars, tub and shower seats, and accessories, including requirements for each of these elements.

A Photographic Look at Recurrent Non-Complying Elements. ADA has been around for 30 years, yet non-complying items are still apparent in new construction. Is this due to lack of knowledge, incomplete drawings and specifications, or sloppy construction? Or has the topic become so complex that it’s difficult to synthesize relevant information? This course identifies ADA-compliant solutions which are best incorporated at the early, non-technical design phase, giving practitioners the tools to create inclusive spaces. 

Each on-demand webinar offers two tracks with a different amount of CEUs dependent upon the track — elective or self-assessment (same webinar but with an added quiz), providing flexibility for individuals to document their participation in these continuing education programs.

Elective webinars earn learning units as independent study and self-reporting, and can be used for CA architecture re-licensing, CASp re-certification, or as self-reported for other organizations. Courses currently range between $70-$93. 

Self-Assessment webinars are an AIA CES approved program. They include a quiz which earns additional learning units with a 70% pass rate and will be reported to AIA National for you with the passing score. They can also be used for CA architecture re-licensing, CASp re-certification, AIA LU | HSW, or as self-reported for other organizations if approved. Courses range between $95 – $118.

Took a webinar, found it informative and answered many of my concerns I had with a project at the time. I found her explanations thorough, and demonstrated an in-depth knowledge. I think these webinars are of great value in navigating these complex issues.

—Soyoung Ward, AIA, CASp, LEED AP Homes, SCW Architects

At present, there are three webinars available with plans to add more. All are available for immediate purchase in an online format.

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I would love to know what you think. Contact me here if you have comments or let me know if you have requests for specific topics to cover in future on-demand webinars.