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Stepping Thru – Vignette Series: Kitchen Design for Access & Aging – Issues, Complications, & Solutions!

Kitchens are one of the more challenging spaces to design creatively. Although common to all residential architecture, they are complex rooms, whether single vs multi-family dwellings, or low-income housing vs custom homes. Kitchens are also high-impact areas requiring durability of design, materials, and installation. So how do we approach this? And what are typical pitfalls as well as their solutions?

An in-depth look at requirements for mobility kitchen design and considerations for Aging. This will include understand-ing cabinetry requirements, appliances, and fixtures as well as other design items


• Increase skills to create useful and well-designed kitchens for Accessibility & Aging-In-Place in both residential dwellings and common-use spaces
• Become aware of other solutions beyond the typical wall and base cabinet mentality
• Expand vocabulary for cabinetry documentation and convenience hardware specifications to create functional & well-built kitchens
• Learn about some common construction pitfalls and how to avoid them
typically 3 hours for the full seminar