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Stepping Thru Vertical Heights

For someone who has a disability or is elderly, ascending or descending across levels is a key mobility challenge. We often address this by providing an element such as a ramp or elevator that takes people from one level to another but often these features alone do not solve the problem. We will look at options such as sloped walkways, curb ramps, pedestrian ramps, elevators, and lifts. We will also examine the parameters and requirements for each of these elements, as well as how to design and situate them for optimum access.

Since the world is not flat, most buildings and facilities have some height change which can provide a challenge for Access — we will review the different methods of Access and the parameters for each


  • Understand parameters for level surface and zero curb or blended transitions
  • Review the scoping requirements for vertical access in terms of dispersion and location
  • Learn the technical requirements for each method of vertical access
  • Overview when vertical access is not required and what needs to be provided instead

typically 5 hours for the full seminar, 4 hours (eliminating elevators & lifts)