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Stepping Thru Accessible Public Multi-Family Residential Facilities

An in-depth look at the differing regulations and code requirements for publicly supported multi-family residential facilities. We will review the various components found within dwelling units and social service center establishment sleeping accommodations, including kitchens and bathrooms. Multi-family residential is one of the more complex building types. Depending on when the facility was initially built and the type of funding, you can have a number of different regulations for one project such as the ADA Standards, the FHA, UFAS, and California Building Codes both 11A and 11B. We will also touch upon alterations and transition plans and how this impacts multi-family housing projects.

Public multi-family residential facilities are quite complex with the differing regulations – we will explore which regulations apply along with requirements for kitchens, bathrooms, and social service center establishments


  • Understand what is considered public multi-family residential and which regulations apply
  • Review alteration and new construction requirements for dwelling units
  • Learn about specific requirements for kitchens and bathrooms within dwelling units and common spaces
  • Overview California senior housing and social service center establishment sleeping accommodation requirements

typically 5 hours for the full seminar

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