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Stepping Thru – Vignette Series: Accessible Businesses – What Needs to be Done


Have you heard people say that ‘they do not need to worry about Access’ – that they are ‘grandfathered in’? This is a common misconception. For older facilities, even if no construction is being done, there is an obligation to implement barrier removal that is readily achievable. No such thing as ‘grandfathering’! Newer facilities that did not comply with the original ADA are now required to comply with the 2010 ADA Standards. We will discuss common areas of noncompliance and issues of ongoing facility management thru photographs of complying and non-complying elements.

A photographic overview for existing spaces of readily achievable barrier removal – understand what needs to be implemented even if no construction is being donee


  • Understand obligations of barrier removal and just what it means for older buildings
  • Review what makes barrier removal readily achievable and how to plan on an on-going basis
  • Learn about common items of non-compliance in places of business
  • Overview examples of easy solutions for typical situations and available government incentives

typically 2 hours for the full seminar or 1½ hours for the condensed version

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